Solar Power + Storage - Why every Solar PV system owner should consider adding this for better returns. April 06 2016

We recently supplied one of our new "SOLAR HYBRID STORAGE SYSTEMS" to Gavin over in Sydney Australia to get better returns and more savings from his existing Solar PV system.

He was already running 16 x 260w Trina Honey Solar Panels (4.16kW) with Enphase Micro Inverters. He was wasting around HALF his Solar Power produced each day by giving it back to the grid for peanuts (basically giving it to them almost for free at around 6c per kWh), and yet facing paying 51cents per per kW worth of power later in the evening (on that same day). So instead he now has 14.4kWh worth of latest technology Lead Carbon Battery storage and our Hybrid Storage system manages everything automatically for him to get BEST advantage to use ALL of his solar power each day (without wasting any of it back to the grid) and he also gets to top up his battery storage cheaply from the grid at the lowest cost of 11c per kW unit in the middle of the night to cover his morning loads also. This solution would give an average solar power home a benefit of around $110 - $160 per month MORE compared with just having the solar power system alone, and a net benefit of around $260 per month compared to before he had any solar power system or storage at all.

Gavin had looked into the options of getting the new Enphase AC battery, and also the Tesla Powerwall battery and Panasonic Home Storage Lithium battery as options, however with a high cost per kW and low storage options (the Enphase only 1kWh usable storage, the Tesla Powerwall only 6.4kWh usable storage per day and the Panasonic only 8kWh storage per day) he really wanted a better solution that offered MORE storage so he wasn't having to waste all his solar production each day sending most of it back to the grid as it had been until our system was installed.  This system also allows him to easily expand (and DOUBLE) his storage capacity to 28.8kW anytime he would like to in the future with minimal extra cost per kWh worth of storage, as it's only the extra batteries that would be needed, no inverter, charger or other system upgrades would be required.

This is a perfect example of how Solar Power + Storage (in the right setup) is a game changer today and WHY every home with Solar Power in NZ and Australia should consider adding on this option.

You would have thought that between Enphase, Tesla and Panasonic they could have came up with a solution which would have achieved the same result for Gavin, but in this case their solutions were not up to the task or readily available to retro-fit onto his existing system easily or at an affordable price.
Talk to us if you'd like to know more about how to get the BEST efficiency and payback from your existing solar power system, or even if you don't have a solar power system and are interested in getting one and care about the actual savings and returns that the system will give you (not just having it on your roof to look pretty and give you poor paybacks as many systems are currently doing today).

The pictures and graph should best explain and show the savings that our system was giving him over that 24 hour period.
PS: Gavins existing Solar PV system was installed only a year earlier by a highly reputable solar power company in Sydney, they did a good job on the physical installation and used high quality items, but sadly the detail was lacking in giving a "FULL SOLUTION" which actually provided a good "REAL WORLD PAYBACK RETURN" which is what our add on system finally gave him.  His existing solar power company that originally suppliled his Enphase system did not have a solution like this to be able to offer (which is often the case with many solar companies to be honest).

Are you an Unlucky Right House NZ Solar Power customer who is left stranded? March 08 2015

Are you one of those "Unlucky" people who paid upfront for a Solar Power System from Right House (who went into liquidation a month ago) and now are STUCK with nobody wanting to help you get your system finished or to work with you so that it's actually making power and saving money for you? Well never fear, we've already rescued many hundreds of customers all around NZ from these sorts of disasters before. We are highly skilled in system design of high quality Solar PV systems and also in project management to get the right people working on your job, and also directing you in the right direction with good quality EXPERT advise. If you know people or friends in this situation, please get them to get in touch with us.

Companies like power smart and others around NZ may not want to help people who are in this bad situation, and while we respect this is their choice as they are already busy on larger projects, we however are all about helping people and love to see happy endings and good results (even if customers did not purchase the equipment or systems from us in the beginning to start with).

Likewise if you know anyone with a Solar PV system who is "UNHAPPY" with how the system is performing and nobody wants to give them advise or help them out, please put them in touch with us so we can assist them. We are able to get the "BEST" returns available in NZ from New and Existing Solar PV Systems (even if these were supplied or installed by other companies who may or may not be still operating.


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Are you annoyed or worried about the LOW price that the power companies are now paying you for your power? February 27 2015

Do you already have or own an existing Solar Power System at your house that was previously producing GOOD returns for you and saving you alot of money on power per month?

Are you ANNOYED by the fact that the power companies have recently changed the amount of money they're paying you back for power that you sell to them?

We've talked with HUNDREDS of people in the last few months who are all very worried about this as they could see NO Solution in Sight.

NEVER FEAR We've already got the solution available today to SOLVE THIS PROBLEM thanks to our Hitek Energy Management System (HEMS for short). Our system is one of the SMARTEST available anywhere in NZ today and will give ANY Solar Power System Owners the BEST returns from their existing systems and the MOST savings per month (to save you paying money to the power companies).

If you want to know more or want to come see our system LIVE in action please give us a yell. If you have friends, neighbours or other people you know who already have Solar Power and are worried about these country wide changes (that will affect them) please pass on this info so that we can help take away their headache. Our system can typically save clients between $1000-2400 per year (while still leaving you running your existing system) our system simply add's on as a smart management system to do all the work for you.

Hear from you soon.

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