14.4kWh Retrofit Solar Hybrid Storage Add-On System (New Years Promo Special only 1 left) !!

$13,400.00 $15,500.00

Do you already have an existing On-Grid Solar Power System that used to give you good or reasonable monthly savings?  Now after the power companies changed the prices they were paying for power you supply them (exporting back to the grid) you now get very little reward for power you supply them? 

Note: This is on 2023 New Years Special at the current time, and after this time the price will increase back to the normal price again.   Note:  Only 1 left available at this New Year special promo price !!   Offer expires END of March 2023, so your order must be placed by or before then.


Typically now power you supply them is only at a low 7c-8c per kW, yet they want to charge you around 32-38c per kW unit that you buy from them (on the same day)!!  To us we feel this is VERY UNFAIR and we set out to specifically design a RETROFIT Hybrid Solar Battery Storage System that could BOLT ON to ANY EXISTING On-Grid Solar PV system running here in NZ easily for our customers.

We don't mind whether you are running a SMA Sunny Boy, or Samil Power, Solar River, Goodwe, Enasolar, Enphase, APS, Renesola, Delta, SolaX, or any other brand of inverter as to us it actually doesn't matter (our system works with them ALL).  Our system smartly detects any excess power that would otherwise be feeding back out to the grid and instead it diverts this power sending it into the batteries.  Only once the batteries are FULLY charged will it allow you to export power back to the grid again, and quite often on many days throughout the year by the time the batteries have been fully charged you would have used ALL your excess power and end up having NONE Excess to send back to the grid.  Then in the evening (each night) you self-consume your own stored power (automatically and seemlessly) instead of buying in this power from the grid.  If you need more power than what your batteries currently have stored then you simply just purchase the additional little bit of power from the grid (which may often just be a few hundred watts, rather than multiple kilowatts / thousands of watts) as you would have done previously before our storage system was running.

This is the perfect ANY / ALL existing on-grid solar power system owners who are sick of exporting half of their daily solar power production back to the grid and getting paid only peanuts for it from the power companies (eg Contact, Meridian, Trustpower, Mercury, Power Shop etc).

For this setup we use our very latest battery technology, 8 x 6v 300Ah Lead Carbon SuperCapacitor batteries. This will give you approximately 11.52kWh of usable energy storage per day (or night) at 80% DOD rating and 14.4kWh of usable energy storage per at 100% DOD rating, assuming that the batteries were fully charged from the previous day. These batteries give approximately 3 x the number of cycles at the same level of discharge compared with normal flooded deep cycle lead acid batteries including AGM & GEL, yet these new batteries will last much longer and require no maintenance either and store much more usable energy in comparison also. A normal flooded deep cycle lead acid battery will give 1200 cycles at 50% discharge and 500 cycles at 100% discharge where as these latest new technology batteries will give you 3 x those ratings as you can see below.

If you were comparing this energy storage against the latest Tesla Power Wall 1 battery it only has a 7kWh total capacity with only 6.2kWh usable daily cycle storage capacity, so our latest battery solution at 14.4kWh is just over DOUBLE what the Tesla Power Wall battery is offering, and it’s available now for a similar price (yet giving you twice the storage).

In comparison most AGM / GEL batteries imported into NZ from China are rated at less than 500 cycles at 60% DOD (so they wouldn’t even last 2 years before failing).  We know this as we have accounts with ALL the major NZ battery Importers and Suppliers yet we were the FIRST NZ Solar Power Company to offer Lead Carbon Solar Storage Battery Technology here in New Zealand and as such we are the MOST EXPERIENCED NZ Solar Power Company with this technology because we have supplied and installed more of these battery setups than any other NZ company to date.

Please see the Cycle count for our Lead Carbon SuperCapacitor (LCS) batteries below for your reference:
3000 cycles at 60% Discharge capacity

Hitek Solar 14.4kWh Retrofit Hybrid Storage Add-On System Specs:
Max Charge Current: 50A / 2.5kW per hour.
Max Discharge Current: 50A /2.5kW per hour (we have upgrade options to 100A @ 48v also).
Battery Configuration: 48v using 8 x 6v 300Ah Deep Cycle LCS Solar Storage Batteries (latest technology).
Battery Rack Configuration: 2 racks (stacked up top of each other) with 4 batteries per rack.
Estimated Battery Life: 10 Years for Domestic Installations (depending on depth of discharge used).
Compatible with: Any existing NZ AS4777 Compliant On-Grid Solar PV installation. Eg SMA Sunny Island, EnaSolar,
Goodwe, Samil Power, Delta, and even Renesola, Enphase, Involar, APS Micro Inverter systems.
Off-Grid Mode / Emergency Power Supply: Available as an optional extra add-on (enquire if desired).
Battery Weight: 550KG (Including Rack)
Inverter + Charger Weight: 55KG
Note: Up to 16 additional 250-330w panels can be directly added onto this hybrid inverter system also (if desired).

Items Supplied with System:
1 x Retrofit Solar On-Grid Hybrid Inverter with 48v 50A Charger (AS/NZS Compliant to latest NZ Standards).
1 x CT Clamp to monitor Import / Export Power flow.
8 x 6v 300Ah Deep Cycle LCS Solar Storage Batteries (latest technology).
1 x Battery Rack Set to fit the 8 above batteries (powder coated steel).
1.5m Heavy Duty DC Battery cables.
7 x Heavy Duty DC Battery link cables.
1 x 35A AC Isolator Switch (Lockable).
1 x 125A 2P DC Battery Circuit Breaker with IP66 Lockable Enclosure

The Hybrid Inverter has built in WIFI function so can be configured to connect to your router so then you can view the details, figures, graphs and information from your iPhone / Samsung / Andriod Phone or your PC / Laptop via the Internet.

Please read our detailed Blog Post Here which tells you the advantages of our lead-carbon batteries compared against Lithium, Lead Acid and Gel batteries.

Note: We can also supply other smaller Retrofit Storage add on solution using the same specs as above but with smaller battery storage capacity, however this option is not really recommended as most people here in New Zealand will typically need around 10kW worth of storage capacity per evening to cover their average evening loads.

Please contact us BEFORE placing an order for 1 of these systems as they are so popular and in such HIGH DEMAND right now that we are quite often sold out of the system and usually a back order needs to be placed in the system for clients who are wanting to pre-order this kit. 

Freight charges will apply of typically between $400-700, and we can give you a price for the freight charges once we know where abouts within NZ you are wanting the system delivered to.

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