What is Solar PV?

What is Solar PV and how does it work?

Photovoltaics (PV) is the name given to direct conversion of radiant energy, primarily sunlight, into electrical energy. In short: solar power. The name itself is composed of the roots 'photos' – the Greek word for light – and Volta, an homage to Alessandro Volta, a pioneer in the field of electrical engineering.

For a PV system, the solar electricity is generated using solar cells that capture the sunlight and convert it to electrical energy. A PV system typically includes multiple solar modules, each containing solar cells that are installed and wired together. An inverter is wired to the PV system to convert the direct current into the alternating current used on the power grid. The volume of electricity produced depends on the length and intensity of sunlight falling on the system and the type and quality of solar cells and components used within the solar module.
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