Our Solar Power Technology

Does having the capability to log on with your smart phone, tablet, or PC to see exactly how much power your Hitek Solar solution is producing sound to go to be true?

This is just one of the amazing technologies that comes standard with ALL of our On-Grid systems.  Please continue reading below to learn more about some of our other latest technology options that we have available for you today (not 1-2 years away but yes available today and we already have hundreds of happy customers running our new technology offerings).

Most typical NZ Solar Power companies usually just supply whatever components, options and systems their suppliers offer them to give to supply to their customers.  Instead we actually focus on offering the LATEST Solar Power & Battery Storage Technology available anywhere in the world to our clients in NZ today  In many cases our technology can be 1-2 years ahead of what most typical NZ solar companies are offering and as a results our clients always get the latest technology and best solar solutions.  We genuinely care about our clients being able to get the longest life and best returns from their systems and are even happy to offer FREE Expert Advice to customers even if you purchased your Solar Power System elsewhere from another company.  Typically through making a few basic and simple changes we can often save many clients $50-100 per month extra from their existing solar power system just through being able to help get their configuration better optimised.

We were the first Solar Power company in NZ (almost 2 years ago) to offer latest Smart Panel technology with wifi communications that allow you to monitor individual panel generation. This means that you not only have full access in real-time how well your Hitek Solar System is doing overall, but it also allows you, or one of our specialist team to view the health of any individual panel from anywhere in the world using the internet. This means that you are in full control over your system. Should any cleaning, repairs or replacements be needed during the lifespan of your panel this access to key information will mean that your system repairs are fast, efficient and with minimal downtime or cost to you.



We have many great inverter options available from companies such as EnaSolar NZ, SMA, SolaX, Outback, Midnite Solar, Nomad Solar and Goodwe.  All of our inverters are high quality and are pure sign wave inverters (we never recommend or supply modified sine wave inverters).  The Goodwe brand of inverters is our most popular due to it having a very high efficiency rating and being great quality and value for money, yet still feature packed (built in WIFI reporting at no extra cost). 

Our high quality SolaX inverters are premium quality, designed in UK / Germany  and assembled in China under strict quality standards.  They come with a manufacturer’s five year standard warranty; they carry the Australian / New Zealand standard AS4777.2.3, European standards and have also been tested by the prestigious German test facility Photon and our SolaX inverters scored a very high A rating which was the same rating as many of the best German and Italian inverters such as SMA, ABB Power One Aurora etc. Our SolaX and Goodwe Inverters can also connect to your Wi-Fi to communicate with your home PC or smart Phone via the internet so you can see exactly what your system is producing and how much you are saving.


EzViewer - Professional Monitoring and Presentation of Solar Power Stations
The easy mobile access to the online-portal for monitoring, organizing and presentation of solar power stations is now available as free iOS App, for both iPad and iPhone. No matter what size your system might have: GoodWe EzViewer gives you access to your solar power station right on your mobile phone.

Solar Power Station Selection
The existing user data is used for accessing the stations, no matter where you are. A demo account is available in case you want to see for yourself how the online station monitoring works and in case you do not have any account yet. After login, you can select one of stations to view the yield data and other useful information.

Energy and Power
How high was the energy harvest today or in the last month? Accessing yield data is now easier than ever. And the iPhone/iPad makes the usage intuitive and easy to learn.

Running Status for Ensuring Yields
You can view running status of solar power station and the error message of each inverter if there is any error occurring. This keeps you well-informed wherever you are. 

For example: In the case the station detects a blackout you can contact the plant operator with a few fingertips via telephone. You can then verify if this is temporary or if you need to organize that the service personnel has a look at the situation on the site. Or you can easily mail to GoodWe service center or make a phone call.

Station Description
All important data is visible at a single glance. The station can be easily presented anywhere you want. And the locations of solar power stations are shown in the map. It is easy and useful when you show your solar power station to your friends.

Where to get it
If you are using a laptop, click the one of two image link to iPad/iPhone app in apple app store. If you have installed software iTunes, you can search ‘EzViewer’ and you will get it. If you are using iPad or iPhone, just search ‘EzViewer’ in app store and you will find it. It is totally free. Please download and install it, and start a joyful journey.


SolaX X-Hybrid Inverters (On-Grid and Off-Grid options available)

Our latest technology SolaX Hybrid Inverters have the ability to help you store excess un-used power produced during the day and self-consume your free power in the evenings (instead of buying in power from the grid).

No longer be stuck exporting power back to the grid each day and getting almost nothing back for this from the power companies, yet being forced to pay them high rates for power you use each evening.  Instead you can now TAKE CONTROL with one of our Hybrid Systems where you have the option of either adding on battery storage at the time of purchase (or even later on down the track when you want to or when finances can afford) and then you can self consume your own stored power each evening instead.  This is one of the BEST ways that you can get your power bill down as LOW as possible and in MANY cases customers with our Hybrid Systems may NEVER end up paying for another power bill again.  This is something that On-Grid owners will always still be stuck paying, although their bill is smaller than previously before they had any solar power system at all.

Hybrid systems have the ADVANTAGES of an Off-Grid system, while giving you the benefits of needing to purchase LESS battery storage (in comparison) and not having to ever buy a generator as you can simply have the grid there (as a backup) for if you ever got 2 or 3 rainy days with stormy black skies in a row.  The odd couple of times this may happen per year you can smile with confidence knowing that you will not run out of power as the grid is there as your backup to seemly supply you, yet for the other 95% of the year your system will smartly use your own stored energy and you will not be buying expensive power from the grid / your power company.  This is what some people call "Having your Cake and Eating it Too" in that you really can have the best of both worlds, this technology is affordable to have right now today and our Hybrid Systems are now MORE popular than our standard On-Grid systems for the first time ever !!

Please watch the video below to see how this concept works and WHY our Hybrid Systems have become our MOST POPULAR systems that we are supplying today.


Retro-fit Hybrid Storage Add-On

Upgrade ANY existing Solar Power System to now have Battery Storage so you can use your free power each evening.

We are one of the first companies in NZ today who are offering our the latest technology Retrofit Hybrid Storage Technology so that we are able to simply add on battery storage (so you can store excess power not used during the day to use later in the evening).  Our Retro fit options can connect to ANY existing On-Grid or Off-Grid Solar PV system (even for those people running Enphase / APS / Renesola Micro Inverter setups or SMA / Enasolar / Goodwe / SolaX, Samil Power string inverter setups or any other solar power system running here in NZ for that matter).  They can also attach onto any system running a EP Solar Tracer, Morning Star, Midnite Classic or Radian Inverter or Outback MPPT charge controller.

One year ago here in New Zealand the usual Power Companies (Power suppliers / retailers) including Meridian, Contact, Trust Power, Power Shop and many others decided to reduce the amount that they paid you for power exported back to the grid from 25c per kW unit down to only a low 7c per kW unit.  What this means for the average Solar Power customer in NZ with a standard On-Grid system today is that around 90% of these systems are only using around 30% of their FREE Power produced each day and the other 70% is going back to grid where you are almost giving it away really because they're paying you such a low amount it doesn't really add up to much even after an entire month or two of giving them this power from your system.  Meanwhile each evening (even on those same days where you sold them power really cheap) they are charging you around 35c per kW unit for power that they supply you one the sun has gone down.  To us this setup seems very unfair and once again the big power companies have all the power in this situation (excuse the pun).  To get around this terrable problem we worked hard to develop our retrofit add on storage solution so that now NO MORE clients with a standard On-Grid Solar Power System need to be stuck in this situation again of selling their free power back to the grid cheaply each day and buying it back for a fortune later at night, instead you can simply store your power to use later in the evening and often not have to buy ANY power from the grid each night.  Furthermore you can now also have Emergency Power / Off-Grid power available (if you choose this feature) so that in the event of a power failure of the grid you can still keep running some of your normal home loads such as your lights, TV, computer / laptop etc if you wanted without having to worry about when the power is going to come back on again from the grid.  This is something that many of our country and rural clients have requested for a long time as they often get more than 6 power outages per year which always causes many headaches when the grid power goes off for extended periods.

People that are waiting to add one of the New Enphase AC Batteries (available in about 6 months time) we would recommend that you don't waste your time as it's only a tiny 1.2kWh worth of storage (which an average NZ home would exhaust within around 2 hours) compared to our average retro fit storage system which typically has 14.4kWh of usable daily cycle storage capacity (twice what the 7kWh Tesla Power Wall is offering) yet our pricing is very similar but with the advantagage that we're giving you much more storage capacity.  The average NZ / Kiwi home uses around 10-12kWh of power per evening so at least with 14.4kWh worth of storage then this is about a "PERFECT" amount to cover the average kiwi home evening loads without having to buy power from the grid.

Latest Battery Storage Technology - Lead Carbon

We are the FIRST NZ Solar Power Company to have this latest battery storage technology available.  We already have hundreds of clients systems out there running using these latest batteries, and they all love how well these batteries are performing for their systems.

Our latest Lead Carbon SuperCapacitor battery storage technology is one of the biggest breakthroughs for the Solar Industry in the last 20 years in that finally high quality LONG LIFE battery storage is affordable to add onto ANY existing system. 

Most "Deep Cycle" batteries are rated to be used between 20-50% DOD (Depth of Discharge) & if you run the battery does to 100% DOD (eg fully flat) then the battery will soon fail.  With a normal deep cycle battery they will usually give 100 cycles at 100% DOD & 500 cycles at 50% DOD.

This latest technology battery is different in that it will give 1400 cycles at 100% DOD, 2400 cycles at 80% DOD, 3500+ cycles at 50% DOD and more than 4600+ cycles at 40% DOD (Depth of Discharge).

Our latest battery storage kits are typically able to offer 14.4kWh of Usable Daily Storage Capacity, more than TWICE that of the 7kWh Tesla Powerwall battery (that is due out in 1 years time), yet the costs are similar between both systems.  We know which we'd prefer, twice the storage ability each day as the average Kiwi home needs / uses 10kWh of power each evening so the Tesla Power Wall would NOT have enough storage capacity to cover ALL of the night time usage of an average Kiwi home yet our battery storage offering will.

A deep cycle Lead Acid, AGM or GEL battery (in fact even your average car, truck, fork lift or solar battery) all end up failing due to sulphation. This is not possible to avoiding with traditional lead acid batteries (even sealed ones), instead our latest battery uses a lead positive plate and a carbon nano-style negative plate that does NOT suffer from the same sulphation problems that existing batteries suffer from.

A normal battery has a typical rated design life of up to around 3-5 years, however this battery has a rated max design life of up to 20 years and should give an average usable life to our customers of around 10 years.  Typically this battery will last you around 200-300% more cycles than typical existing deep cycle lead acid, flooded, agm or gel batteries, yet the cost is not alot more so goodness knows why anybody would still be wanting to buy the old 30 year old technology that wears and and fails quickly (in comparison) when this latest technology is available today for only a fraction more cost.

These batteries can be used for RV, motor home, caravan, boat & solar power storage use and unlike Lithium batteries which are not easily compatible with existing systems or equipment you already own, our latest batteries can fit into and work in 99% of existing systems that are already using existing Lead Acid / Deep Cycle / AGM / GEL / Flooded batteries today without needing to change any existing Inverters / Chargers etc.

You can read a great short arctile about this technology and HOW IT COMPARES against existing Lead Acid, Gel and AGM technology here.


Solar Panels

We offer top quality 270w Trina Honey Mono Panels and also our own 265w Hitek Solar Highest Quality panels (designed right here in NZ by Hitek Solar) that are manufactured to our spec (in addition to Australian / NZ standards spec also).

Essentially you don't get much better or higher spec panels anywhere in the world than these panels, these are like the Audi / Porsche or Lexus of the solar industry in terms of quality.

We design our own Highest Spec, High Efficiency Solar Panels designed by Hitek Solar right here in New Zealand and these are manufactured for us by Perlight Solar who is one the leading top solar panel manufacturers in the world.  Our panels are produced to our ultra high specs (along with Australian / NZ compliance standards) and are designed to be perfect for NZ and Australian harsh climate conditions.  We use only the highest quality Anti Reflective Self Cleaning glass technology, 3M Tedlar TPE backing sheet, highest quality solar cells, 100% automated robotic soldering and highest quality TUV certified junction boxes + solar cable + connectors on the rear of our panels.  We even have a model of our very latest spec panels that allows us to slot in an "Upgrade Cartridge" into the rear of some of our panels to give additional features for clients who are wanting these such as Rapid Safety Remote Shutdown capabilities (stopping all power output at the panel level for each panel), panel level monitoring (to see the live voltage, amperage and wattage per panel just like a micro inverter setup would allow but while still having the advantages of a string setup), and of course Shade Optimization capability so that if any of the panels were shaded then those shaded panels would NOT affect others on the same string of panels (which in a normal string setup the shaded panels would lower the output of the other panels down to the level of the lowest panel output).  The advantage of being able to simply "UPGRADE" our panels later on (even after you've purchased them and had them running years down the track) is that you can simply ADD these extra features at any time on a per panel basis.  This means unlike with a micro inverter setup where you are paying for these features for every panel whether you want these features on every panel (or not) with our technology you can simply upgrade just 2 or 3 or 4 (or however many you like) panels to be SHADE OPTIMIZED only for panels that are actually having shading issues, yet the others that are not affected by shading you can leave as they are (as they're not having any shading issues anyhow) and now you've achieved the extra functionality that you wanted while only paying for it on those panels that needed it.

While many other Solar Power companies and vendors are offering standard 250w panels, our 265w and 270w panels are the same physical size yet offer 20w more output performance on the same roof space area.  This translates into better returns and more power for you each year and this adds up to alot of difference over 25+ years.

Our panels also feature Anti-Reflective Self-Cleaning glass technology which means our panels stay cleaner for longer and also absorb more of the sun's energy.  This means that per rated panel watt our panels are able to output more power than other panels with the same wattage rating that don't have this technology.

Note: A black frame version of our panels can be custom ordered on request, however this adds on time to get built and arrive compared with panels we already have in stock.

Please see Our Latest Tigo TS4 Smart Module Technology to learn more about our upgradeable smart panels that are upgradable whenever you want or need additional features or had shading issues you need to resolve that is limiting the performance of the rest of your system.

Perlight Solar Video




Smart Modules (TIGO ENERGY / Trina Smart / Hitek Solar Smart Modules)

Smart module benefits are:
*Shade tolerance (shaded / under performing modules don't bring down the output of the good modules in your system).
*Quick diagnosis of faults, issues, shading, soiling, under performing panels etc.
*Maximize output by allowing each panel to run at 100% of it's maximum wattage all the time, no longer limited by the weakest module in your system.
*Enables 30% longer strings of panels by limiting maximum panel output voltage.
*Provides the safest Solar PV electrical installation and the ability to turn off each module at the panel level (rather than turn off an isolator and the panels are still producing).
*Provides Arc protection to help prevent shorts, fires and other dangerous hazards.
*Allows multiple panel orientations on the same string on different roof faces, while still being on the same inverter intput.
*Provides between 3-33% additional performance output for the same wattage array (depending on shading situations).

Click on video file below to learn about the benefits of our Tigo Energy Smart Panel technology.

Click on picture below to view our live Smart Module system (shows you individual output in watts, amps and volts per panel at any time of the day).

Our Latest Tigo TS4 Smart Module Technology

(this is an option with our latest 270-305w Panels that we design here in NZ)

Selective Deployment of Optimization using Predictive IV

Predictive IV is a feature of the Hitek Solar Tigo Energy TS4-O and TS4-L upgrade cartridge (that fits into the back of our panels), which uses analytical data about the module itself to predict optimal performance conditions. This data is used in conjunction with Tigo's impedance matching technology, and allows for selective placement only on shaded modules so that any modules with shading issues NO LONGER affect output performance of other modules on the rest of the string.

Please click on the presentation below to find out HOW this technology can best help you, WHY you want this technology now, and WHY it's better and Superior to using traditional micro-inverters (per panel) from Enphase, APS, Renesola etc.  With this technology you can get ALL the features and benefits of a micro inverter system, at a lower cost, with a higher efficiency and while still being able to have hybrid battery storage (for night time usage) which you can't easily or cheaply do with a micro-inverter system.