About Us

Hitek was officially formed as a Limited Company in 2008 and our Solar Power division is known as Hitek Solar NZ.

We are a professional systems integrator for Solar Electricity Solar PV grid tie on grid, off grid and hybrid solar power systems with and without battery storage. Most of our systems feature wifi reporting and smart phone integration options.  Often these 2 technologies are needed to be linked together for many clients to provide real time reporting information available to clients for their solar power systems via Internet your connection to your smart phone or PC / Laptop etc.  We offer tailored solutions to suit our clients needs rather than just off the shelf options.  Alot of our solutions have many components integrated together to create the best end user / customer experience.

We know how frustrating it is to TRY dealing with many other company's who do not have years of technical experience, so instead we tend to only offer the products we personally know, love and recommend.  There are many items out there we would never want to use ourselves or build systems with, so instead of even offering those to you (our clients) we simply just don't.

Many other Solar companies around New Zealand may quote you systems but they will often have a much longer / slower return on investment time (until the system owes you nothing) than our systems (even if the systems are a similar kW rating size) this is because with our systems often feature up to 13% more power output per rated kW than many conventional MONO  or POLY panel systems (that are still using standard older traditional technology) and  likewise our systems bundled with our lead carbon battery storage sets have a far higher and great efficiency (for charge input vs discharge / output ability) compared with standard traditional AGM, GEL and Flooded Lead Acid batteries.  To us it seems CRAZY to loose 50% (half) of your power per day wasted as heat and inefficiencies and yet the reality is this is how many average solar power systems in NZ are running today sadly (with a low level of efficiency). 

In turn our battery systems are some of the longest lasting anywhere in NZ today with a typical average life being about 10+ years and all the way through to 16 years at a max / peak being possible for clients (for clients who have their systems designed specifically with that in mind).

The actual return on investment and payback time for your Solar Power system SHOULD be one of the most important considerations, along with quality components and well known best of breed brands with good industry and worldwide reputation used throughout.

When people talk about being powersmart with your solar power, many people often don't realise that our solar power systems are often some of the smartest and latest technology available anywhere in New Zealand today, and we were the first NZ company offering Smart-Panel Technology and Lead Carbon battery technology also.

Our aim is to be a PREMIUM Supplier of Best Value Solar Power systems and technology, to give you the best solution for your money.  We don't aim to be the cheapest in the market (as this usually means supplying low quality products / systems that fail quickly), instead we aim to be BEST VALUE, and we have Top Service, Expert Knowledge in the industries we support, a helpful Friendly Team.  We offer good fair prices for top quality items that are built to last the test of time.  Together this means an un-beatable combination.   We only have people on the team who have a good technical understanding of the products we sell & supply, as there’s nothing more frustrating than being stuck talking to the sales guys who've never actually used or laid their hands on the products they're trying to sell you.

If there are products you’re interested in purchasing that you don't see on our website, please let us know as we may still be able to supply those for you also.

We are located just behind Bayfair, Mt Maunganui Tauranga (not far from Tepuke or Papamoa), but please phone us to book an appointment first rather than just coming by as we're in such high demand we are frequently out on client callouts sorting out their frustrations.

We are PROUD to announce that our premises runs 100% from Solar power that we generate FREE from the sun and excess is fed back into the grid for others to use (and we get a credit back for this also).  If you want to know more about Solar Technologies and how they can help your home or business also, please talk to us so we can help you reduce or even wipe your monthly electricity bill.

Some of the brands we supply and support are: Perlight Solar, Trina Solar, JA Solar, Midnite Solar, Outback, SMA, Enasolar, Tracer, SolaX, Crown, Neuton Power, Renesolar, Yingli Solar, LG, Tigo Energy, and many more.

We were the first and are still the primary SolaX NZ Inverter Distributor, and there's not a single person in NZ that has more hands on and technical experience and expertise with Solax X-Hybrid Inverter solutions or lead carbon battery storage than we do.  We have deployed more than 300 Solax / Solax Hybrid sites around NZ using this solution in the past few years.

If ever you have any Solax related questions, queries or issues then please let us know, as there's not usually a question we can't answer related to Solax inverter setups.

Lastly we are also proud SEANZ (Sustainable Energy Association of NZ) members.


Hitek Solar NZ