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WOW nice panels (Hitek PERC MONO 305w)
Hi all, please take note that NOT all panels are equal.  Myself & our friends have both each fitted 1 of the Hitek PERC MONO 305w panels and next to our existing 1 year old std existing panels on our motor home.  On our motorhome it was next to a 260w (1650x 992 size) panel & on our friends camper, it was next to a 300w panel (1956x 996 size). In the weekend , we were away and had very high power use with the heater going 24/7 and lights, Tv etc & rain the day before.  At 4pm with over cast conditions, on our friends camper, the older 300w (1956x 992 size) panel was putting out 3.5 amp's & the new 305w PERC MONO panel (1650x 992 size) was putting out 7.4 amp's.  So although in the middle of the day when the sun was bright, the new panel was only just 0.3 to 0.6 amps higher (than the std 300w panel), In low light conditions (when you need it most) it blew the socks off the older panel.  So on the bad weather days the new style panel is just so far ahead of std mono / poly panels.  On our camper, the results were even greater, however we were compering a 1yr old traditional style 260w with the new 305w PERC MONO (newer / better technology).  On both motorhomes the panels had the same model MPPT controllers for each panel.  Note the new 305w is the same physical size panel as the old 250w & 260w panels.
Murray Nicholson, Tauranga - Muzzanic from NZ Motorhome Forum.

In September 2017 we had the following system installed using our garage in Christchurch.   We installed:  11 x 305w PERC MONO Panels (Designed by Hitek Solar NZ) each with Tigo Shade Optimizer Technology.  5kW Solax Hybrid Inverter + Charger.  14.4kW Lead Carbon Battery Storage.
This system has provided slightly over 8kWh per day after the first year of operation. We are very pleased that the system performed as promised and that any problems were solved quickly with a high level of professional technical support by Steve.  This technical support has been consistent over the time that this system has been operating.
Julian Earwaker, Christchurch (Ex High School Science Teacher)

I was an electrical engineer for most of my life, and I was in the market for 5KW grid tied system and found a lot of sales staff and installers who did not know what they were selling.  When I found Steve it was a revelation.  He understood what I was after and designed a system to match it.  Lots of questions (and detailed answers back) I finally had my system ready to install it myself. Lots of support from Steve later I had my system in and it works well. Today got my first power bill that was a credit after running the system for a year. Yay!!
Wal Marshall, Waikanae / Kapiti

Steve at Hitek is excellent to deal with especially for someone based overseas - this is vital! Helpful explanations of the many options he has available as well as taking into account longer term plans a customer has! Prompt, polite and reliable! Great Customer service - why can other companies not be as rounded??? Payback for my business in the Pacific will be around 2 years as our power is expensive at 92 cents a kw...Thanks Steve.
Greg, Tonga (Cafe Tropicana Owner in Tonga)

We recently installed 10kW ground array at a total cost of less than $2.00 / W. After much research we chose Steve at Hitek for a Solar consultancy service, design to install, and for supply of many components. Parts and advice were of excellent quality and promptly provided. If you are looking at buying solar components we recommend Steve for price and quality (best in NZ), though we sourced our inverters or panels from other chanels. Steve is knowledgable, honest and is the go to guy for all things solar.
Brent, Christchurch

I am an apprentice electrician looking to install my own solar panel system on the new home we are building. Having never installed any solar panel system before Steve has been incredibly helpful. I have done a great deal of research online into the various products available and the items Steve sells seem to be some of the best available. His advice and patience with my never ending email queries has been of great help.
  Very happy with the performance of the system.
Becca, Christchurch

When we first decided to get a solar setup to complement our Micro Hydro generator the choices advertised in multitude was enough to confuse someone like myself with little technical knowledge but a desire to DIY and bring down the overall cost . A neighbour had sourced inexpensive panels which was looking like the obvious way to go ......! Then I happened upon Steves listing which is when my confidence became established .I fully recommend and Thank You for Your Awsome Products and service!
Terry, Helensville

Excellent dealing with the guys at Hitek thanks. Easy to deal with, fast delivery and everything in excellent condition at a good price. Highly recomended
Steve, Nelson

I Bought 6 x 320 watt panels. Steve was very helpful and knowledgeable and gave good advice. Very happy with product and price and will be looking at further purchases from him in the future. Cheers Steve
Graham, Dunedin

I have just installed a 1KW direct feed to the hot water system using a Dual element and Hitek's solar voltaic panels. I was undecided about where to purchase my panels from until I sent a question to Steve and was amazed by the informative reply which was soon followed up by more reliable advice. This certainly gave me peace of mind when I placed my order with Steve. Remember everyone it's not just the price, it's the service that comes with it that matters. Thanks Steve.
Warren, Carterton

I installed two grid tie solar systems,I purchased the solar panels and other associated gear from Steve at Hitek. Having checked out the pricing of other solar systems, I found that Steve gave the best value for money,with quality and service with good advise. I can not speak highly enough of Steve,with his prompt emails and follow up emails. Steve take a great interest in each installation. Thank you Steve,I would highly recommend you to anyone.
Robert Kyle, Napier

Steve at Hitek spent two hours walking me through all aspects of a solar pv system that required NZ certification: professional expert free advice about how to use good quality NZ Compliant solar power equipment to build a system right so that it meets all NZ compliance and maximises system performance. I would urge anyone looking at doing their own rooftop DIY install to consult the Solar Experts to get the right advice first, and certainly before buying anything, to avoid expensive mistakes.
Stephen, Tauranga

Steve of Hitek Solar systems is an expert in the solar field and supplies quality products. I am so happy with the 5.3Kw System Steve designed for me. Steve supplied 100% of the items I required, and shipped them all the way to Feilding. He provided me with friendly, expert, and overall fantastic service. He offered free advice readily, and replied to my emails immediately, explaining everything meticulously. Distance was no issue - it seemed like we were just doors away.Thanks so much Steve.
Greg, Fielding

It was a real pleasure dealing with Hitek. Steve recommended high quality JASolar panels and the Goodwe inverter for my 5Kw system which I installed myself. The hardware arrived promptly as promised. Being new to this technology, I needed lots of advice which Steve provided willingly and in great detail over the two months it took me to build the system. Although I am in Kapiti, the aftersales service was as if he was just next door. Highly recommend using Hitek for all solar requirements.
David, Kapiti

When none of the local solar experts wanted to help Steve gave me great information and all the products I needed to get my system running and compliant and has given great after sales service highly recommended.
Steve Smith, Ruatoria

I recommend this company and Steve himself to all, my experience with Steve and his company has been fantastic. The solar panels, cables, mounting hardware and connectors are all of highest quality and performing well above expectations. The after sales support is old school, read excellent!
Dennis, Waihi

A very professional firm. A great firm to deal with, they keep in contact even after the system was installed which is great. We are very pleased with the system, and it is generating power in the wonderful sunshine. Would recommend this firm to deal with if you are contemplating setting up a solar power generation unit.
Ross and Liz, Rotorua