Lithium Battery Recycling

If you have an existing Lithium Ion (Li-Ion or LiFePo4 Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery (12v, 12.8v, 24v, 25.6v 48v, 51.2v etc) that you have been using and it has failed or stopped working (or gone bad) and now needs recycling, then please contact us as we offer a recycling service for those lithium battery packs (and also lead carbon & lead acid also).

In some cases for SOME Large Capacity Lithium packs in working condition just with some reduced capacity we MAY even offer you some money back for your lithium pack to help you put towards your next battery (or even going out for dinner or something else you may want to do).

We work in with other companies + organizations here in NZ and overseas to ensure lithium battery packs get properly recycled. 

So rather than doing the wrong thing (just throwing your lithium battery pack in the rubbish bin) please give us a call or email (or even fill out the contact us / enquiry form on this website) and let us know what lithium battery / lithium pack you have, and what's wrong with it (if you know any details or background) and then we'll work with you to help you recycle it correctly.  You must cover the freight cost or arrange getting the battery pack to us.

Some of the packs we are actively looking to recycle would be:

BYD B-Box LV / HV Lithium
BYD Lithium Battery
Pylontech Lithium Battery
LG Chem Resu Lithium Battery
Vision Lithium Battery
Growatt Lithium Battery
Growatt GbLi5001 Battery
Growatt GbLi5010 Battery
Ubco Lithium Battery
SETL Lithium Battery
Micromall Platinum Lithium Battery
Powertech Lithium Battery
Sentry Lithium Battery
Enerdrive Lithium Battery
Sunnytech Lithium Battery
Neuton Power Lithium Battery
Neuton Power NPLI22AHMGI NPLI22AH  NPLI16AHMGI models.
Soltaro Lithium Battery
Solax Lithium Battery
Solax Triple Power Battery
UPS Lithium Battery Modules (eg Eaton, APC, etc).

Tesla Powerwall 1
Tesla Powerwall 2
Ryobi 18v One+ Lithium Battery
CATL Lithium Battery
CALB Lithium Battery
A123 Lithium Battery
Panasonic Lithium Battery

This is just some of the many lithium batteries out there that we are looking to offer recycling for, but if you have something else not listed then please give us a call also.