2.4kW / 3kW + 5kW 48v Off-Grid Integrated Inverter Warranty + 50A MPPT Charge Controllers

Hitek Solar NZ warrants that all products provided hereunder will conform to applicable specification when delivered and shall be free from defects in material or workmanship for the 1yr warranty period. Standard Integrated Inverter warranty on all products is 1 year RTB - Return To Base Warranty (from date of dispatch, without any exceptions). 

The warranty does NOT cover any sparky / electrician / technician time onsite that may be needed to remove a faulty / failed inverter or fit a replacement inverter or adjust settings on the inverter etc.

Hitek Solar NZ reserves the right to provide either repair or replacement for products covered by warranty, depending on product and the issue.  In most cases, when customer is able to provide sufficient and clear data, upon successful review and confirmation of warranty coverage, repair or replacement will occur (with all / any freight charges being paid by the customer and NOT by Hitek).

If return is required, customers must contact Hitek Solar NZ and obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) consent before returning products.  Sufficient relevant information should be provided by customer in order to effectively troubleshoot and analyze root cause.  Pictures will usually be requested and MUST be supplied BEFORE returning the inverter to prove that the inverter was correctly installed according to the correct specifications.

Hitek Solar NZ accepts NO responsibility or liability and reserves the right to refuse service on any returned product without prior authorization.  Please refer to our standard RMA procedure to initiate your return process, if a return is requested (this can only occur after firstly going through step by step troubleshooting with Hitek and supplying pictures / info as requested firstly).  If you do not follow this correct process any warranty claim will be void and invalid.

Hitek Solar NZ will not be held liable for any direct, indirect or consequential damages, losses, costs or expenses incurred (in any way). Hitek Solar NZ, at its sole determination, will repair or replace product returned by customers. Product must include a legible data label showing the serial number (not damaged or tampered with in any way).  The warranty belongs to the unique serial number of the product which are ALL recorded at our end before we dispatch any inverters for orders.

Hitek Solar NZ is not obligated in any way to provide a loan inverter to any client while their inverter is being repaired or waiting for parts etc, this is the clients responsibility to ensure they have systems in place to keep them going in the event of a single inverter fault / failure.  Any downtime associated with any parts needing to be ordered / supplied (whether inside or outside of warranty period) or any inverter repair is also not something that we cover.  Eg if you had to run a generator or make other arrangements for an inverter being repaired under warranty.  A typical inverter repair may mean the inverter being away for a 14-45 day period (just so you know) depending on what the fault is, what parts are needed and the supply availability of parts etc.

Please note damage due to following causes is excluded from warranty:

  • Improper transportation and delivery (including inadequate packaging or arriving in a damaged box back to us).
  • Unauthorized modifications, alterations or any form of self-repair attempts (including opening the inverter and breaking the warranty seal).

  • Improper installation, usage or operation (all products are indoor rating ONLY, NOT outdoor rated at all), including damages arising from use in environment with excessive moisture corrosion or dust build-up.  Any moisture / corrosion damage that can be seen or detected at all INSTANTLY voids the warranty.

  • Any Bug / Ant / Insect exposure and related damage will NOT be covered under the warranty.  You need to ensure you do NOT install the inverter in a location where it is susceptible to bugs / insects etc, or if you suspect this may be an issue in the future then it's your responsibility to ensure you have appropriate bug / ant / insect traps (and mesh over vents) to ensure that the inverter does not get exposed (and damaged) as a result.

  • Failure to correctly and properly maintained the Fans and Air Vents on the inverter will also void your warranty.  You must ensure any / all dust buildup is regularly cleaned away so that air intake and fan function is not impeded.
    If a fan failure occurs (outside the 1yr warranty period) then it is your obligation to get this sorted / replaced and corrected at your own cost.  Hitek can look to source / supply you a new fan if you ever have a fan failure outside of the 1yr warranty period, however there will be a cost for the parts and also a cost for the installation of the fan.

  • Non-compliance with relevant safety standards or regulations (including incorrect wiring / earthing / generator hookup, incorrect polarity, over voltage etc).
  • Application beyond the scope of product design/ratings or safety standards.
  • Acts of uncontrollable natural forces such as lighting, flood, fire, storm etc.
  • Insufficient ventilation of the device (a minimum of 20cm on top + bottom + each side is required), and not installed in a closed cupboard or closed box without adequate ventilation ability.
  • You must ensure that your Solar PV string(s) voltage NEVER exceeds 120VDC under any circumstances (including in cold winter season periods) and is the CORRECT polarity at the Solar PV DC terminals.  If you get this wrong you can BLOW UP the inverter and by doing so instantly void the warranty.

  • You must ensure the battery set is wired / configured correctly so that your battery set voltage is ONLY at the correct nominal battery voltage that the inverter is designed for (eg 24v battery set for 24v inverter and 48v battery set for 48v inverter). Inverters showing able to handle up to 64v battery voltage are still only designed for a 48v NOMINAL battery set voltage.  If you are unsure of the inverter voltage this is listed on the sticker on the SIDE of the inverter and you are welcome (encouraged even) to give us a call to verify if you are still unsure.  Getting the polarity and voltage + correct DC battery breaker protection installed right every time is CRITICAL to ensure you don't void the inverter warranty If you get this wrong you can BLOW UP the inverter and by doing so you instantly void the warranty.

  • For the 50A MPPT Controller, you must ensure you always have the battery turned on (and power flowing from the battery to the controller) so the controller LCD display is on (lit up) before you turn on the solar pv dc power.  Having the solar panel power on when the battery is turned off (or disconnected) or even a lithium battery that's hit bms low voltage cut off and disconnected itself from the controller can often damage the mppt controller and in turn that is not covered under the warranty, so you must put all steps in place to ensure you AVOID ever having the solar PV dc power on to the controller when the battery power is off or disconnected.  It's your responsibility to put steps in place to manage or avoid that situation.
  • DO NOT Over-Tighten the Solar PV DC Input Screws on the Inverter or MPPT or any AC connection screws on the inverter (this is NOT covered by warranty if you damage any screw terminal connections).
  • If you are using with a Petrol / Diesel Generator then we advise to specifically ONLY use a quality Inverter Generator (these have a true pure sign wave output) and you must also following correct earthing process to correct connect the generator & this solar inverter to the same common earth.  Failure to do this correctly MAY give poor results for generator charging and in some cases can even damage the solar inverter (which in turn is not then covered by the inverter hardware warranty).

Note:  We do not support any product that has been self-repaired and this will instantly void the product warranty.  
No circuit diagrams or schematics will not be released under any circumstances.

Note: We reserve the right to update this warranty document in the future without giving any notice or advise.