Flooded Lead Acid Battery Warranty Terms

1) The Seller warrants that your battery is free of defects in material and workmanship for the duration of the warranty (1yr RTB hardware warranty for Crown & Neuton flooded batteries).  It does not cover damage due to abuse, neglect, misuse, fire, accident, collision, wear, explosion, freezing, theft, overcharging, alteration, improper installation, use of special additives, unauthorized attempt to repair, or failure to keep the battery properly maintained.

2) The Batteries must be installed in a dry insulated location with the correct high current cabling.  The average working discharge depth must NOT EXCEED a maximum of 50% of battery capacity (leaving a minimum of 50% capacity remaining in the batteries at all times). Batteries set for standby use must kept between 12.8V – 15.0V (per 12v battery / 12v set) and once a month a maintenance charge (re-float + equalize) of 15.4v (per 12v battery / 12v set for a minimum 2 hour period) must be applied.  The Batteries must be charged by a multistage battery charger designed and configured correctly for this correct flooded lead acid battery type (NOT permitted to be using AGM / SEALED profile), with the absorb voltage applied being 2.50v per cell (at 25 degrees C ambient temp) at the correct constant rated current (amperage) for that model battery (typically 0.2c minimum recommended constant charge current).  An equalize charge must be performed (at minimum) at least once every 3 weeks (sustained for a minimum period of 2 hours constant at Equalize Voltage), failure to do this correctly at the recommended intervals will void your battery warranty.

The battery temperatures must be kept between 5 degrees C and 36 degrees C (terminal temp) at all times under any / all circumstances, whether they are in use, connected, not connected or even just being stored.  The batteries must NEVER be left sitting directly on any concrete floors, and if you do want to have them on a concrete floor then please place insulation between the batteries and the floor so that the batteries don't absorb the cold from the floor during colder winter periods.  Correct distilled water cell top ups (and cell checking for SG - Specific Gravity using a hydrometer is essential) to ensure each cell is properly equalizes and yes this is your responsibility.  Failure to have this done correctly each month (and recording each cell reading) will void your battery warranty.

We recommend everyone running these batteries to have a real time battery temp sensor attached to the batteries and with a display easily able to be read to keep an eye on battery temperature especially during mid summer + mid winter periods when the temps are at their hottest + coldest for the year.

The batteries must still be give a top up charge at least once every 7 weeks even if they are being stored and no power is being used or drained from them.

Running the cells dry will also VOID your warranty, so please ensure you never do this and NEVER use normal tap water (or even normal filtered water) in your cells.  If you are unsure please give us a call to confirm thanks.

3) A battery temp display + battery monitor is highly recommended to help ensure you best look after your batteries correctly.

4) The warranty limited to the original purchaser and partners / agents for our batteries and is non-transferable if the batteries are re-sold to a second client (eg as second hand or prior used batteries).

5) Batteries must be returned to Hitek Systems Ltd for any warranty claim (with costs of return paid for by the client or partner).  All warranty claims must be accompanied with the original invoice, receipt or order or a copy of + other details requested by Hitek to consider your warranty claim.

6) This Pro-rata Warranty provides pro-rata credit on the product purchase price for any flooded lead acid battery failures towards repair or replacement.

7) Warranty terms may be updated from time to time. By continuing to use our products you agree to be bound by any amendments made.

8) A user / customer must pay for any / all delivery costs to get any batteries back to Hitek Systems / Hitek Solar NZ  (and / or any 3rd party testing company specified by Hitek Systems) and pay for any testing costs in the event of any warranty claim being submitted, whether the batteries are found to in fact be under warranty or not.  Hitek Systems will not re-reimburse any out of pocket or consequential or in-consequential losses relating to our batteries or any items we supply.  Any warranty claim submitted must also be submitted with proof that the battery charge + discharge voltages and battery temps were always kept within the specified limits listed above.

9) The warranty assumes that the battery is being charged back up regularly on a daily basis, and is not left sitting for 48 hours (or more) flat or with very low levels of charge (eg below 12.4v per 12v battery). Extended periods of sitting empty or at a very low charge level will damage even the most robust deep cycle battery (this is not covered by warranty).

10) In addition to the terms listed here, the user must also fully read our the Flooded Lead Acid Battery Service Manual Link for flooded lead acid batteries,  and you must agree to the correct maintenance process outlined in the manual (again if you are unsure please ask us rather than get it wrong).

Items Requested that must be supplied to consider a warranty claim:

  1. Absorb + Float + Equalize  voltage settings you were using during charging.

  2. Charging duration (per day) on EACH of those charging stages above.

  3. Please show records of hydrometer usage to check / test the cells in the battery and what were the cell readings for each cell each month over the last 6 month period?

  4. What was the min + max + average battery temp while you were charging it?
  1. How many times did you top the cells up, and what did you use for topping up the cells?

  2. What was the max discharge voltage you took the battery down to before re-charging it again?

  3. How long (time period) did the battery stay in a discharged state (at maximum) before it was 100% fully re-charged again and what voltage did it charge back up to at that time?

  4. How long did you leave the battery sustained at it's full charge / finish voltage for per charge?

  5. Is this 1 single battery on your battery set or part of a group of batteries?  If part of a group please advise all makes + models + capacities of all batteries in the battery set.

Please forward through pictures of the AC Charge + Solar charger that you've been using with the battery / battery set along with the charge profile settings being used on those charger(s).

Battery Warranty
It is important that you follow specified maintenance including a detail maintenance record. Failing to comply will void the battery manufacturers warranty. Any warranty claim will be on a pro-rata basis and is subject to all maintenance records first being inspected and verified along with constant and max charge amperage settings, voltage settings and max charge + equalize charging + max discharge amperage settings also being reviewed (along with other details for your site such as other batteries that are part of your battery set, charging times / voltages, discharge voltages etc).

The guarantee will be null and void in the event the battery is installed incorrectly (or running wrong charge parameters for this exact battery type / spec), misused, used or charged / discharged or used outside of our recommended specifications, damaged by external influences (like lightning, fire, current overloads, electrical shorts, power surges or water), altered, repaired (or attempts for repair were made) by others than Hitek Systems or, if and when, identification and / or data has been tampered with.  If wrong cell top ups are done, or cells are ran dry (or ran at wrong specific gravity levels) then this voids your warranty also.

Hitek Systems shall not be liable for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages or losses arising out of the sale or relating to the use of this product, and the purchaser / buyer / user assumes all responsibility for all personal injury and property damage resulting from the handling, possession or use of the product. In no event shall the liability of Hitek Systems for any and all claims, including claims of breach of warranty or negligence, exceed the purchase price of the product.


Some Items that are NOT covered by the warranty:
The warranty does NOT apply to batteries that are only discharged, have broken containers, covers or damaged terminals, have been frozen, over-charged, sulfated, have foreign material or additive put in the electrolyte, or when evidence of abuse or neglect is present. The warranty also does not apply if the battery’s proprietary manufacturing code markings have been tampered with, removed, damaged or destroyed.  If the battery is used in applications for which it is not designed, or if it was installed in conjunction with non-matching batteries or charged in reverse.

By making sure to follow and stick to our recommendation this will ensure that you get a nice and long service life from the batteries that we supply you.  Failure to adhere to this advise and use the correct settings will not only void your warranty but can and often will dramatically shorten the usable life of your batteries.  If you are unsure of anything regarding your batteries such as max charge, or discharge voltages or temp range etc, it is solely your responsibility to phone up or email Hitek Systems to have the correct info supplied to you, ignorance for not knowing is not an excuse sorry.

Note: All references in above terms are for both Hitek Solar NZ and Hitek Systems Ltd entities, thanks.