12v 200Ah Lead Carbon SuperCapacitor (LCS Pb-C) Battery

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New 12v 200Ah Latest Technology Lead Carbon SuperCapacitor Pb-C Deep Cycle Battery (front terminal style).

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12v 200Ah (100% Usable)
172Ah @ C10 Rating
189Ah @ C20 Rating
200Ah @ C48 Rating
205Ah @ C100 Rating
Weight: 60Kg
Size: 560mm long x 126mm width / deep x 328mm height.
Max charge current: 12v 90A
Constant charge current: 12v 70A
Terminal: M8 copper
Technology: AGM VRLA Pb-C Lead Carbon

Note: You can use 4 of these batteries together (in a 48v set) to give 9.6kW capacity.

Depth of Discharge (DOD) cycle count for our Lead Carbon SuperCapacitor (LCS) batteries:

650 cycles at 100% Discharge capacity
1000 cycles at 80% Discharge capacity
2250 cycles at 50% Discharge capacity

What makes this battery so advanced & much better than typical deep cycle batteries available?

Most "Deep Cycle" batteries are rated to be used between 20-50% DOD (Depth of Discharge) & if you run the battery does to 100% DOD (eg fully flat) then the battery will soon fail.
With a normal deep cycle battery they will usually give 100 cycles at 100% DOD & 500 cycles at 50% DOD.

This latest technology battery is different in that it will give 2250+ cycles at 50% DOD.

A deep cycle Lead Acid, AGM or GEL battery (in fact even your average car, truck, fork lift or solar battery) all end up failing due to sulphation. This is not possible to avoiding with traditional lead acid batteries (even sealed ones), instead our latest battery uses a lead positive plate and a carbon nano-style negative plate that does NOT suffer from the same sulphation problems that existing batteries suffer from.

A normal battery has a typical rated design life of up to around 3-5 years, however this battery has a rated max design life of up to 15 years, so typically this battery will last you around 200-300% more cycles than typical existing deep cycle lead acid, flooded, agm or gel batteries.

Can be used for RV, motor home, caravan, boat & solar power storage use.

A normal 12v 200Ah battery will give 80Ah (Usable Daily Cycle) at 40% DOD, however our battery will give you a full 200Ah worth of power at it's 100% DOD rating & still out lasts the 12v 200Ah battery while delivering more usable daily cycle storage ability.

Please read our detailed Blog Post Here which tells you the advantages of our lead-carbon batteries compared against Lithium, Lead Acid and Gel batteries.

You can read a great short independant article about this technology and HOW IT COMPARES against existing Lead Acid, Gel and AGM technology here.

We have other larger Lead Carbon SuperCapacitor solar storage battery options available offering 14.4kWh & 28.8kWh, if you are interested please contact us for more info.

This battery technology is very similar to the Ecoult Ultrabattery (Ultra Capacitor) technology in that they're both built using Lead Carbon battery technology, except at a more affordable price and in smaller capacities which better suit NZ solar storage usage.

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