High Quality SOLAR PV 4mm DC Cable


Price is per meter, please enter the quantity of metres your wanting to purchase thanks.

New High Quality Black PV Solar Panel PVF1-F DC Round Flex Cable, BLACK, 4MM Diameter, TUV Approved for Europe and Australia / NZ also.

PV1-F cable is used for photovoltaic systems. This cable links photovoltaic panels to inverter. It is used for fixed installation outdoors or indoors.

Ideal for complete systems Grid Tie or Off Grid, or even a few panels on your motor home etc.

Can happily run a 6kw, 12kw or upto 24kw system using multi strings of panels.

Rated current: 50A

TUV approved
Dual wall insulation,electron beam cross-linked
Excellent resistance to UV,water,ozone,fluids,salt,genera­­l weathering
Excellent resistance to abrasion
Excellent flexibility and stripping performance

•Size: 1x4mm
•Conductor: Flexible tinned copper Class 5 according to IEC 60228
•Strand design: 56x0.3mm
•Insulation: Halogen Free Polyolefin
•Outer Sheath: Black Halogen free polyolefin, flame retardant, low toxicity
•Conductor flexibility: Flexible class 5
•Conductor resistance: 4.79 ohm/km
•Halogen free: IEC 60754-1
•Rated Voltage Uo/U (Um): 0.6/1 kV - 1000VDC
•Operating temperature, range: -40 to 90°C
•Max. conductor temperature in service: 120°C
•Short-circuit max. conductor temperature: 250°C
•Gases corrosivity: IEC 60754-2
•Smoke density: EN/IEC 61034-2
•Ozone resistance: Yes
•Weather resistance: Excellent
•Flame retardant: IEC 60332-1
•Fire retardant : C1, NF C 32-070
•External diameter: 6.4mm

Physical properties:
•Temperature range:-40~+120degC
• Ambient temperature:-40~+90degC
• Design lifetime:25years for outside
• the smallest permissible bending radius:4xouter diameter

If you are wanting a 200m or 250m roll also let us know and we can give you a special price.
If you want RED instead of black please also state this on your order also thanks otherwise black will be sent by default.

Note: If you are wanting a high quality Enasolar Inverter, SMA, Sunny Boy, Sunny Island inverters, quality 250w - 300w panels, or a complete PV solar or thermal solar setup talk to us now :)

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