Hitek Portable Solar Generator - 700Wh Lithium Battery Storage

$1,850.00 $1,995.00

This is the perfect small portable Solar Powered Generator. It can supply a constant 600w 230V AC Output (1200w Peak Surge) thanks to the Sine Wave Inverter it uses internally. It has a compact 700Wh (700 watt hour total capacity) Long Life Lithium Battery (575Wh usable capacity) with BMS Internally. It can charge from Solar Power (via a solar panel plugged in) or it can charge from a standard 230V AC Wall Socket.  At only 7.6KG it's light and portable enough to carry almost anywhere.

It can take up to a maximum of a single 1 of our Hitek 215w Solar PV panels (if you want to charge it via Solar Panel at a maximum of 25v DC input voltage. During the summer it would take about 6.5 hours on a nice sunny summer’s day approximately to fully charge this unit back to full battery level, and during winter time it will take approximately 10 hours in full direct sunshine (no clouds) to fully charge up this unit if you were using a single of our 1 x 215w Hitek N-TO panels (if panel is flat on ground it takes longer to charge than if panel is 20-38 degree angle facing the sun).

The charge times are assuming that NO loads are running from the unit at the time.  If you are running loads at the same time then the charge time will be longer.

It has 2 x 3 Pin 230V AC Plug Sockets + a 12v DC Car Style Output Socket.

It can run a small Energy Efficient Fridge or Freezer, or charge upto 4 laptops at once, or 8 ipads / iphones / galaxy phones / tablets or smart phones at once.  It can run an energy efficient crock pot or rice cooker (on low power setting), LED TV, DVD / BluRay player etc.  Great for using in your holiday home, batch, boat, camper van / RV, caravan, tenting holiday or even out in the bush for a few days.

Can be used to charge power tool batteries, drone batteries, camera batteries, DJ Portable music setups, etc.

Could you imagine the look on your mates faces next time you turn up with one of these on your next camping trip !!

PSG-700 Pro Features:

  • Sine wave output, factory set for Australian / NZ 230VAC Output.
  • LCD display screen for indicating battery status and charging status at a glance.
  • Multi-functional, integrated function of AC/DC charging and discharging.
  • MPPT solar charger, inverter output and DC 12V output all integrated within PSG unit.
  • High Quality Lithium battery for reliable long battery life with 750+ cycle rated battery without needing battery maintenance.
  • Many built-in safety protection functions: low voltage, over voltage, high temperature, short circuit, and over load protection.
  • Only 7.6KG (for the generator excluding solar panels) makes this easy to carry around, unlike like the heavy Goal Zero Yeti generators that are much heavier and force you to wheel them around.  We wanted to offer a product that was light enough to take almost anywhere (even places where you cannot easily wheel it over bumpy terrain or in the bush etc).
  • Battery capacity can be doubled (to 1400Wh / 1400 watt hours total) by adding an optional external plug in battery (NOT INCLUDED) which would be additional cost and can be added at time off purchase or added later on within the first 360 battery charge cycles.
  • 2Yr Return to base Pro-Rata NZ Warranty (not including water damage or impact / drop damage or physical damage etc).
  • Inverter Idle power consumption is about 25w (per hour) that is used of the battery capacity for every hour the system runs even if you were only running a single 10w AC Light bulb (from the Inverter AC Output), so this is something to keep in mind.

    Battery Type Lithium-Ion
    Capacity 700 Wh Total with 575 Wh USABLE Capacity.
    Input AC: Charge 660 W Max, 100-120 VAC 50 Hz/60 Hz
    Solar: 200 W, 10-25 VDC, 12 A Max
    DC: 12V/24 VDC, 8 A Max
    Outputs AC Outlet: 600 W Nominal, 1200 W Surge, 230-240 VAC, 2 Outlet sockets available (power is total ratings)
    2 x USB Type-A: 5 VDC, 2.4 A Max, 12 W Max
    1 x Fast Charge USB Type-A: 5/9/12 VDC, 2.4 A Max, 28 W Max
    1 x USB Type-C: 5/9/12/15/20 VDC, 5 A, 100 W Max
    1 x Female Car-Style Socket: 13.6 VDC, 10 A (136 W Max)
    2 x DC 5512 13.6 V, 3 A
    Charging Time Wall Charger: 1.6
    Car-Style DC Outlet: 6.55 Hours
    1 x Hitek 215w N-TO Solar Panel: 6,5 Hours Full Sun Summer Time (No Shade or Clouds, panel angled).
    Operating Temperature Range Charge:  0-45°C
    Discharge: -10-55°C
    Dimensions 28.9 x 23.5 x 18.0 cm
    Weight 7.6 kg

    Note: Listed price comes with No Solar panels or any mounting rails etc, however we can offer with the solar panel + connection cable for additional cost.

    Note: We do not accept ANY returns of this unit (after it's discharged) if you change your mind or decide it's not large enough capacity for your needs etc so if you are not 100% sure that this is the right product for your needs then PLEASE call us BEFORE you may any purchase so we can verify / confirm with you on the phone thanks.

    This product has great ecological & environmental benefits, as it will help reduce the number of disposable batteries that are discarded into land fill so frequently and is much more efficient than having a diesel / petrol generator running just to power some lights or charge your phone / laptop.

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