Outdoor Solar Powered Motion or Sound Activated LED Security Light

$42.00 $52.00

This is the perfect small Outdoor Solar Powered LED Light for any application.  Features 16 Bright LED Emitters in this Solar Light unit. 

This unit has a built in high quality Lithium battery that is designed to give good capacity and last running every day for many years (much better than cheaper units using 1 or 2 x AA batteries that die very quickly and only have low capacity).

Available in 2 different versions (you select the version you want during checkout process), one that is Motion Activated (when it detects a person moving) and the other that is sound / noise activated when it detects a clamp or other noises (louder than a normal talking volume).

Features quality solar panel cells with long lasting resin sealing over the solar cells to make them last many years in all outdoor weather / conditions.  Has built in quality lithium battery with built in charging system to ensure that the battery will last many years of good life every day / night also.  Strong metal Alloy construction to ensure it can be used in all environments (even by the ocean) thanks to the alloy chassis.

When there is no sun the unit automatically lights up (in DIM lighting mode) and when it either detects motion (or sound – depending on which version you are using) then the LED lights automatically change to FULL BRIGHTNESS mode and stay fully bright for a few minutes until another sound (or motion) is sensed again.  One full brightness mode has finished it returns back to DIM mode, where it stays throughout the entire night until the next day when the sun hits to solar panel to recharge the battery again.  Includes 2 mounting screws with unit.

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