48v 300Ah (14.4kWh) Lead Carbon SuperCapacitor (LCS Pb-C) Battery (August Promo Special)

$7,520.00 $7,920.00

New 48v 380Ah Latest Technology Lead Carbon SuperCapacitor Pb-C Deep Cycle Battery Set (using 8 x 6v 380Ah batteries).

Note: On August Promo Special, pickup an extra savings if ordered, paid for & delivered (or collected) during month of August only.  Limited stock available for this promo so get in quick !!

8 x 6v 380Ah Hitek Deep Cycle Lead Carbon Batteries
380Ah C100 Rate, 330Ah C20 Rate, 300Ah C10 Rate @ 25 degrees C Temp.
Weight: 50Kg x 8 (400Kg total for batteries or 440kg including packaging boxes)
Size: 300mm long x 180mm width / deep x 360mm height (per battery x 8)
Max charge current: 48v 70A  (for 15 minutes constant)
Constant charge current: 48v 50-66A
Terminal: M8 copper
Technology: AGM VRLA Pb-C Lead Carbon
Usable Energy Capacity: 11kWh over a 24 hour discharge period at 25 degrees C temp at 70% DOD rating.

Note: Steel Battery Rack (with link cables) is available for additional cost, but is not included in this price / offering.  Please select this option using the drop down selection on this listing if you want the add the 24v or 48v rack kit with link cables option). 
Rack dimensions are:  860mm wide x 820mm height x 430mm depth.

Our unique lead carbon offering here is one of the few in the market that is designed to be able to retrofit into sites in place of existing AGM / GEL battery sets, in that normal lead carbon batteries need special lower voltage charge settings to be entered (adjusted) on the system, yet our batteries here run std AGM charge settings which makes it much faster and easier to replace existing AGM batteries for an existing site with our lead carbon batteries here vs other lead carbon batteries available elsewhere.

We were the first company in NZ to introduce the lead carbon battery technology 11 years ago and as such we have more experience with lead carbon batteries than any other company in New Zealand given that we have been using, installing, designing and testing the lead carbon technology much longer than any other company and with great success also and thousands of happy clients running our lead carbon technology over the last 11 years and still running strong.

Depth of Discharge (DOD) cycle count for our Lead Carbon SuperCapacitor (LCS) batteries:

2200 cycles at 70% Discharge capacity
2600 cycles at 60% Discharge capacity
3100 cycles at 50% Discharge capacity
3800 cycles at 40% Discharge capacity

What makes this battery so advanced & much better than typical deep cycle batteries available?

Most "Deep Cycle" batteries are rated to be used between 20-50% DOD (Depth of Discharge) & if you run the battery does to 100% DOD (eg fully flat) then the battery will soon fail.
With a normal deep cycle battery they will usually give 300 cycles at 70% DOD & 500-700 cycles at 50% DOD is very common.

This latest technology battery is different in that it will give 2200 cycles at 70% DOD and more 3100 cycles at 50% DOD so a far greater real world life in comparison to standard agm / gel batteries.

A deep cycle Lead Acid, AGM or GEL battery (in fact even your average car, truck, fork lift or solar battery) all end up failing due to sulphation. This is not possible to avoiding with traditional lead acid batteries (even sealed ones), instead our latest battery uses a lead positive plate and a carbon nano-style negative plate that does NOT suffer from the same sulphation problems that existing batteries suffer from.

A normal battery has a typical rated design life of up to around 3-5 years, however this battery has a rated max design life of up to 15 years, so typically this battery will last you around 200-350% more cycles than typical existing deep cycle lead acid, flooded, agm or gel batteries.

Can be used for RV, motor home, caravan, boat & solar power storage use.

A normal 48v 300Ah battery set will give 90Ah (Usable Daily Cycle) at 30% DOD, however our battery will give you a full 300Ah worth of power at it's 100% DOD rating and out lasts traditional 6v 430Ah and 300Ah Gel batteries by 2-3 times while delivering more usable daily cycle storage ability.

We also offer this battery as a 12v, 24v, 48v and 96v set for those who are wanting these high capacity options.  This set of 8 of gives you 18.2kWh of storage capacity, (twice that of the 7kWh Tesla Powerwall / Power Wall Lithium battery) if you are interested in any of our other options please contact us for more info.

These batteries can also be bundled with our latest Retro-Fit Hybrid Storage setups to connect onto ANY existing On-Grid or Off-Grid Solar PV system (even for those people running Enphase / APS / Renesola Micro Inverter setups or SMA / Enasolar / Goodwe / SolaX, Samil Power string inverter setups or any other solar power system running here in NZ for that matter).  They can also attach onto any system running a EP Solar Tracer, Morning Star, Midnite Classic or Radian Inverter or Outback MPPT charge controller.  These batteries provide MUCH more storage capacity than the tiny 1.2kWh Enphase AC battery that is being released soon.  More storage capacity than the Canadian Solar Camel ESS, LG Chem Lithium ESS, Samsung SDI ESS (Energy Storage System) for a much cheaper price per usable kWh worth of energy storage.

We also have the matching battery racks available to fit these batteries for 24v and 48v setups, however the racks are an optional additonal item for extra cost and are not included in this battery listing.

Please read our detailed Blog Post Here which tells you the advantages of our lead-carbon batteries compared against Lithium, Lead Acid and Gel batteries.

You can read a great short independant article about this technology and HOW IT COMPARES against existing Lead Acid, Gel and AGM technology here.

This battery technology is very similar to the Ecoult Ultrabattery (Ultra Capacitor) technology in that they're both built using Lead Carbon battery technology, except at a more affordable price and in smaller capacities which better suit NZ solar storage usage.

Note: We also have lithium options available, if you want to discuss please give us a call.

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