Hitek 12v 50Ah Din44 Sodium Deep Cycle 12v EV Lead Replacement Battery (for Kia / Hyundai + other EVs) using Din44L / CMF45L battery.

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New 1 x 12v 50Ah Din44 Sodium Deep Cycle Battery
50Ah, 100 Min RC, 760A CCA

Note: This battery will not launch in NZ until around July 2024, however for those who are interested feel free to get in touch even before the launch date as we are doing real world active testing at the moment before the launch date.

If you want to pre-order one of these batteries before launch date, please get in touch.

12v 50Ah @C20 (at 20 hour discharge rating).
Weight: 15Kg  (Net Inc packaging when sending)
Size: 207mm long x 175mm width / deep x 189mm height.
Constant charge current: 12v 5-30A
Max charge current 12v 40A
Max constant discharge current: 90A or less.
Max Peak discharge current: 98A (15 mins)
Max Peak cranking discharge current: 760A (4 seconds)
Terminal: Standard Auto Post Terminals (SAE) DIN T1
Technology: Sodium Deep Cycle (high discharge rated deep cycle cells)
Recommended Charge Voltage: 14.4v-15.2v  (don't exceed 15.2v)
Recommended Discharge Cut Off Voltage: 10.5v-11.5v
Discharge Cut Off Limit: 10.2v  (don't ever discharge the battery down below 10.2v).
Recommended Operating temp range:  -5 degrees C through to -34 degrees C
Max Operating temp range:  -10 degrees C through to -46 degrees C
Internal Protections:  Cell Over-charge, Cell Over-discharge, pack over-temp + cell balancing.
Warranty:  44 Month Return To Base Hardware Warranty (Pro-Rata)
Recycling:  Please contact Hitek Solar NZ and arrange return back at end of life.

Depth of Discharge (DOD) cycle count for this Sodium Deep Cycle Battery:

3800 cycles at 70% Discharge capacity @ 25 degrees C temp (lab tested conditions)

2000 cycles happily down to 11.0v (real world)

1600 cycles to 10.5v tested real world usage vs the factory 12v lead battery is basically stuffed after 40-50 cycles down to 10.5v as a comparison.


Din44L / Din44LH / Din44LX / Din44Lhx / Rocket CMF45L-Din / XDin44MF / Varta B23 / MF44 / Din45L / Din54316 / Delkor 55534 420CCA  12v lead acid batteries and others the same size that are not listed also.

Designed to be a direct drop in replacement (to replace existing 12v Lead Acid Battery) on many Kia and Hyundai EV Vehicles, such as Kona EV, Niro EV, and others that use a Din44 or CMF45L-DIN battery from the factory or that is mounted in the vehicle already.

Note:  This battery does NOT contain any Lead Acid or any Lithium inside the battery at all, therefore it is actually a much safer battery than both standard flooded lead acid and than lithium batteries (yes including Lithium LFP also) and this battery can operate in far colder environments without any internal damage than lithium LFP does and it does not suffer from the same cell balancing issues or damage when left heavily discharged for long period as lithium lfp / lithium ion does.  The charge and discharge curve also are nicely matched as a lead acid replacement for use with EVs without needing any charging system upgrade or software upgrade at all, the EV will just think you have a very new very great health 12v lead acid battery installed and in turn some owners may actually experience a slightly improved EV range ability per charge of your main EV battery due to this deep cycle sodium battery offering a better charge / discharge efficiency without the same charging losses as the standard 12v lead batteries have and also it will hold its voltage higher for longer without the same typical 12v lead acid battery sag that the factory batteries have.

People don't realize the factory lead acid battery has around a 30-35% loss when running at 1 degrees C vs this battery has around a 1-3% loss so far lower in comparison.  The factory battery is a CRANKING battery (not a deep cycle battery) as such whenever it is discharged down to 10.5v (as often happens) the factory battery will only handle that around 40 times in total in its life before it will be dead or failed beyond usable capacity to give a good reliable experience, and in comparison this battery would handle that same cycling (to that same voltage) more than 1500 times without it being a problem, so far greater in terms of robustness when compared.

The factory battery is often 71-80 Hour reserve capacity, this battery is 100 Hour rated reserve capacity, but more importantly your factory battery can only deliver that rating around 40-50 times on that test before its failed or not really usable vs this sodium battery at more than 1500+ times, so not only do you get a greater usable reserve capacity but the cycle difference is so great you just cannot even compare it, not to mention not suffering from the cold temp issues that the factory lead battery suffers from or the charging losses that our battery doesn't suffer from.  The factory battery will be dead or at least very damaged if you ever did 20 cycles to 10.2v yet our battery can still handle this more than 1500+ times also during our testing and still charge back up to around 70% of original capacity again.  For some EV owners this sodium battery may outlast 3-5 of the factory batteries, as some EV owners are killing their factory battery every 1.5-2.5 years as a common experience.

Notes + Developer Comments:  This battery is designed and developed by Hitek Solar NZ, it has not been designed or developed by Kia or Hyundai at all however we have tested it working nicely in some of their EV vehicles with great success.  No normal battery shops or dealerships in NZ have access to this battery or offer this technology yet, it is only through our extensive R&D in battery technologies and in particular sodium deep cycle technology that we were able to leverage our existing battery development knowledge to use some of that advanced technology to offer this specialist application battery into the NZ market long before anyone else is even aware the technology exists typically.  This is the technology that mainstream lead acid selling battery companies do NOT want clients to have, as then it will put them out of business if they are only selling 1 battery to a client in a 10 year period instead of 5 x lead batteries in that same period.   

Our mission is always to give the power back to the people and that is what we've been focused on for the last 16 years as a company.   In the ideal world the manufacturer would have offered such a battery as standard with the vehicles and we would never have had to design and develop this battery, but hey what a world we live in right where people pay $50-75k for a new EV with a factory lead battery that fails frequently every few years as a common situation, to us this just seemed wrong and having been in this situations ourselves we thought there must be a better way and better option and hence this battery was born.

If you are a NZ based Hyundai or Kia workshop and want to get your hands on these batteries, please contact us directly thanks.

Note:  If you need a different sodium battery please advise, and if we get enough enquiries then we may consider offering other models also only if there is enough demand.

Note:  We can ONLY supply this battery within NZ  (cannot send / ship or offer overseas).

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