Solar Charger Power Bank - 8000mAh Lithium battery storage + 12 LED Flood Light

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This unit has enough storage capacity to charge an average iPhone approximately 4x or Samsung Galaxy phone 4x. It will charge an iPad / iPad Mini once.

    • 8000mAh solar charger external battery power bank
    • Built-in 8000mAh high quality lithium polymer battery
    • Strong shockproof with some drop resistance (to small drops).
    • With Dual USB output ports (2 x 1A)
    • Micro USB input charging port (if you want to charge it from a usb socket / wall charger).
    • Emergency LED torch, the LED flashlight works great in the dark, good for emergency situations.
    • 4x LED status of charge indicators indicate the charging and discharging process
    • Environmentally friendly made from ABS+PC materials
    • Compact, portable & stylish design
    • Choice of Blue & Black or Green & Black or Pink & Black colour options.
    • Ultra Bright 12 Led  Flood Light Torch built into the rear (great for camping etc)
    • High Efficiency 1w Solar Panel for faster solar charging than other budget solar powerbanks.
    • Comes with Micro USB Charge Cable (to fit most Andriod / Galaxy phones / tablets).

      Note: This purchase is for 1 unit only, you must choose which colour you want us to dispatch, otherwise the default will be the blue & black option sent as the default choice.

      If you need an extra micro usb cable or an external solar panel to charge faster let us know as we can offer you these options also along with a plug in USB Flexi Light and USB Flexi Fan to keep cool (for those people who want that).

    You can charge the power bank back up by putting it outside in the sunshine, or from a usb charge cable while you are driving in your car, or a wall socket, or your computer / laptop etc.

    This unit has a built in Ultra Bright LED Flood Light on the rear to provide lighting for small rooms to allow reading of a book, cooking your dinner, work in or around the home etc. 

     Note: Please see our other listing here for this unit bundled with a 3.5w small external solar panel (to provide year round solar charging ability and also much faster solar charging ability if you intend on using solar charging regularly rather than just for an emergency in the middle of summer).

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