Solar Home / Business Ready? June 13 2014

What is a Solar Ready Home / Business?

The Solar Ready Home concept is to pre-wire a building for solar PV which includes installing all AC & DC cabling and a Solar Ready Home Kit (you are bidding on the Solar Read Home Kit here) but no wiring etc is included.

To minimise the cost of installation the Solar Ready Home Kit is ideally installed during the build of a new home allowing all cabling to be hidden behind the walls, ready for future installation of a solar inverter and PV panels.

Using solar power in your home or business you can offset some or in many cases ALL of your monthly power bill. Who doesn't like the sound of getting something for FREE? As thats what your doing when you are using the Sun's free energy to power your home or business :)

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You can find the Solar Home Ready kit available for purchase here:

Don't delay, if you are building or modifying your home or premises this will be one of the best investments you EVER make and can easily save you thousands later on down the track.